Programme for the youth of school age "Learning about forests"

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JSC Latvijas valsts meži (Latvia’s State Forests – LVM) invites schools to explore nature as the best classroom and attend the Mother Nature Masterclass: to feel the Earth beneath your feet, the touch of the Sun, and the water playing on your skin. Hand-in-hand they create a real masterpiece every day, day-by-day, by strengthening the green heart of Latvia – the forests!

It offers acquiring a program on environmental education "Izzini mežu" ("Acknowledge the forest") through various activities in forests of Latvia for teachers and students. Each class has an opportunity to become the Masterclass of Mammadaba and receive diploma and „green” prizes!

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In the Mother Nature Masterclass THREE MASTERPIECES are to be created working together with children:


For students to appreciate the treasures of the surrounding nature and to get to know their country – in autumn teachers are invited to hold a class outdoors, be it the school yard, a park or the nearby woods, and work with natural materials. The class should comply with the standards for the respective subject, and focus on the forest and its treasures. The master class on-line survey should be completed by 1st of December which gives students a chance to participate in the Forest Olympics.


Owing to the sun, the earth and the water, the wood that is acquired in Latvia in only a year, would be enough to build a stairway from the Earth to the Moon. To learn how to use wood reasonably, students, either individually or in groups, are encouraged to try to create things of wood and other natural materials. These objects can later be used outside in the school yard for recreation or education purposes: as bird cages, street gymnastics tools, footbridges, a sundial, experience path, etc. Masterstrokes are a very suitable activity for project weeks.


School children can head out to the forest at any time of the year; all they need is appropriate clothing to enjoy the magic of the water. Choose any of the options for exploring the forest recommended by LVM - either in the city or in the outskirts. Give your own special contribution to experience your master day! To enjoy the tour, please apply in advance so that we can arrange the best and wisest guide for you!

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Do you know which is the healthiest competition in Latvia? The "Meža olimpiāde" ("Forest olympics") for teachers and students of 1st – 9th grades. It takes place in the nature, and each year the winners participate in an exciting nature expedition abroad. Let’s go to the forest!  

What to do to become a participant? Teachers need to involve forest in their lesson as a place or theme and register this lesson for the "Forest olympics" Round 1 form until 1st of December. Each year the "Forest olympics" has a particular theme. The most successful teachers enter the semi-final, where students compete in an online game „Mežotājs” ("The Forester"). 10 most successful students and their teachers from six schools participate in an unforgettable final competition in Tervete Nature Park! The goal of the "Forest olympics" is to urge the teachers include in the learning process themes and subjects related to gaining knowledge and experience in the forest and surrounding environment.

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For additional activities related to acknowledging the forest, the participants get extra points.  The most diligent Mammadaba masterclass leaders will participate in an educational camp-courses of further education, but the most active schools will become Mammadaba embassies for a year.

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Since 2005, an international forest educational programme “Learning about forests”, which takes place in more than 20 countries, is carried out in cooperation with the Foundation for Environmental Education (Fee). In the framework of this programme the LVM organizes its cooperation with schools. The emphasis is on real things and natural processes in woodlands and living environment, and on gaining new knowledge, experience, and practical skills.

Contacts – Anda Sproģe, Tel: +371 67085432, +371 26540801, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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