Record number of visitors gather on Walpurgis Night in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

In a joyful spirit the most favourite event of the year – the Walpurgis Night or the night celebration of Fairytale Forest – has been celebrated in the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete. Families with children, romantics and active ones, nature friends and even groups of school students, whose hearts are longing for something unusual came to enjoy the nightly forest in the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete on the 30 April. For the tenth year we celebrate this event, now already in three parts of the park, gathering a record number of visitors in the fairytale forest – more than 5.5 thousand people.

When dawn was setting in, families with little ones, nature friends and other gathered in the Dwarfs' Forest to perform preparatory activities to congratulate the little Walpurgis. First, everyone was invited to participate in the sports trail prepared by Dobele 181st scouts unit. Guests of the celebration had a chance to congratulate the little Walpurgis by ten times throwing in the air little goblins, the friends of Walpurgis. Guest could also prepare birthday presents for him by tying up flowers or pine cones in the celebratory yarns, and to sit in the chair of the little Walpurgis, so that happiness and joy follows in every step. In the last sun rays of the evening, a cake of fine wheat-flour for the little Walpurgis was baked in an accompaniment of songs and music of the Čučumuiža dwarfs. And how happy and surprised were all the guests when they saw the little Walpurgis running on the walls of Tērvete Wooden View Tower and greeting all his birthday guest! The celebration in the Dwarfs’ Forest was concluded with fireworks, which included very impressive combination of smoke and stars.

Nothing finished with the greetings of little Walpurgis – in the depth of Fairytale Forest little forest witches were dancing their night dances, but little devils were testing the agility of guests. The cat Balzirio and fox Alise were guarding the Pit of Gold, where only few found their piece of gold. However, shamans, in the light of fire, drummed all the negative thoughts away and wished to be kind to each other. Finally in the Fairytale Forest we were able to meet the Rabbit, which has been very generous everyday by leaving his droppings to the Forest Witches. These droppings of Fairytale Forest’s Rabbit, when handed to the hands of little children turned into chocolate candies.

In the Theme Park a very joyous spirit was provided by the theatre studio “Savējiem” and a nerve tickling sensation was brought by a fire show of Gunta Tomsone and Sanita Deksne. Later in the night, guests were entertained by the group “Buks&Brigāde”, that played familiar songs and everyone could join in. As in previous years, the “International Fireworks design” team took care of the spectacular fireworks. During the evening visitors actively participated in the competition of fairytale costumes.

All, who were longing for more extreme sensations, went in the nightly Skyways of Lucky Land, were the queue didn’t get shorter even until the midnight.

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete is thankful to each and everyone who participated! May your early summer nights are full of kindness and peace, and days in nature are full of magic!