Day with birds in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

The Bird Day has become a tradition in the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete. On the 11 June, all nature's friends, young and old, are welcome to spend an active, educational day in the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete.

Visitors of the park will be able to enjoy walks in the forest trails, learn the secrets of dark coloured birds from the Forest Witch, however, the more active visitors of the mysterious forest will test their abilities in the competition of photo orientation “Find us in forest!”. More than 120 bird species songs can be heard in the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete. In the forest of miracles, when enthralled by forest's sounds, one can immerse in a calm peace and soothe one's soul.

The Traveller dwarfs in the Skyways of Lucky Land will have prepared an activity for the smallest visitors – a chance to fly as birds. Little ones, borrowing discoverers spirit of the Tom Thumb and with a little courage, will have a real joy to rise a little above the ground.

From 1 p.m. in the Playground, the Auce Secondary School's dance group “Kāpnes” in collaboration with Mārupe Culture Centre's dance group “Chill Out” will present a friendly dance performance “Hummingbird Party”.

LVM Nature Park in Tērvete invites to have a pleasant and educational recreation in nature!