Catch a moment before the height of autumn in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

In the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete, deciduous trees that have grown in between the evergreen pines and spruces have not yet turned to their colouring of autumn. Today large clouds are floating over the Fairytale forest and pines, like sharpened pencils are aiming to the grey sky, as if they had an intention to “catch” some inattentive cloud. Though invisible to an eye, the breath of autumn can be felt in the air. But real nature friends cannot be frightened by rain and few puddles on a soggy forest trail, the chilly sunbeams of autumn, and wind that can instantly change from gusty to gentle, even unnoticeable. The forest that is full of miracles and knowledge invites to relax from everyday worries and to get to know the secrets of forest life.

Though Princess Zeltīte and Stingy has returned to the fairytale, and during weekdays both young and old have to go to work, the weekends in the Fairytale and Dwarf forest will give a chance to meet the Forest Witch and members of the Dwarf family. They will share their forest life knowledge and will motivate to look into nature more attentively – to hear, to notice. The Tērvete Butterfly House still is full of bright colours of whirling butterflies that will bring joy to everyone, and remember that the tropical house has summer weather with +25 degrees. However, the Skyways of Lucky Land invites to test one’s strength and to rise above the ground on the rope and wooden construction in trees of the miraculous forest.

The Playground has some good news too – after a reconstruction of some sections, the Lutausa path is waiting for playful and adventurous guests of the park! After an active day, where strolls in pine forest are interchanging with meeting fairytale characters, new knowledge and experiences, all tired ones can take the forest by the Fairytale Train (service according to the price list).

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete will continue its miraculous story inviting to spend time outside your house and outside your everyday environment, to observe the changes in nature that are so easy to be noticed in the period when the path of light is shortening and days become shorter.