Forest’s Crop Was Weighed and Measured in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

raza 2016

Last weekend the Forest Harvest Festival was celebrated in the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete when walks in fresh air were combined with identifying, weighing and measuring nature’s gifts.

As some were delighted by the rich harvest in their garden or in fields, others marvelled at the ripening nuts and acorns, cone seeds, healthy berries and mushrooms in the Nature Park in Tērvete. The Forest Harvest Festival allowed not only looking at nature’s harvest, but also to weigh and measure one other forest’s crop – wood. Together with Dwarf Mommy both young and old arranged wooden blocks in an ascending order according to their weight without using special weighing tools. The smallest visitors of the park participated in creative activities by creating pieces of work from birch-bark or coloured cones to create a peculiar forest flowers. Whereas, with the Forest Witch of the Fairytale Forest everyone had a chance to learn how fast is Latvian “green gold” – forest – growing and how much oxygen it produces. Forest Witch, imaginatively explained, for example, how one wooden Castle of Light (National Library of Latvia) “grows” in four days.

During the festival the forest that is rich with autumn scents and colours offered a chance to move and breath the fresh air. With various sportive activities visitors were welcomed by the inhabitants of the newly built Dwarf town “Čiekure”. In the bright yellow sports stadium, inspired by the dwarfs, children played with balls, jumped and walked with the large “legs” of Giant Lopear. Children were delighted by the recently finished Foresters’ District, where the little houses are equipped with furniture and wooden blocks for playing.The older visitors of the park were able to see a performance of the energetic guys from the street workout movement “Street warriors”. The audience of this show were also invited on the stage and encouraged by gymnasts tested their abilities and feel the joy of movement.

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete is a family friendly place, which provides more that 30 events each year. We pay a special attention to children and youngsters by providing not only great recreation possibilities, but also to learn in nature. In the framework of the environmental education programme “Learning about Forests” the young nature friends all year round can learn forest's wits in the specially created place – Green Classroom.

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete wishes you to learn new things in the colourful autumn!