Lulling of Fairytale in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

On Saturday, 15 October, when bright maple and yellow hazel leaves colour the pine forest, the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete will hold a summer season closing festival – “Lulling of Fairytale”. No matter the age, everyone who can look at the world through a child’s eyes and dreams about the unusual, colourful and untamed miracle is welcomed to close the fairytale book of the forest that is filled with stories. This autumn, by looking through a kaleidoscope, we will see the dreams and fairytales! For the last time this year, all of fairytale characters will gather – Forest Witch, members of Dwarf family, princess Zeltīte, Stingy and the secret resident of forest, which will be more pleased to meet you if you will bring some carrot for him.


Activities of LVM Nature Park in Tērvete will begin from 12 noon in the Fairytale Forest and in the Dwarf's cottage with the hard-working and creative members of Dwarf family. However, during the day, in the Dwarf town “Čiekure” a sportive atmosphere will attract all the active and untiring ones. But on the open-air stage of the Playground from 2 PM a musical performance “Kaleidoscope” will be performed, where we will meet the Forest's King and other fairytale characters and will go on a miraculous adventure! All tired ones can take the Fairytale Train to get out of the miraculous forest (service according to the price list).

But those who want to be few metres above ground will be able to enjoy the autumn air of pine forest in the “Skyways of the Lucky Land”. This year, during the Fairytale Lulling Festival, when the dawn sets, from 5 PM until 10.30 PM, the “Skyways of the Lucky Land” will offer a unique programme – night climbing and cable riding in the wood and rope construction trail, and games and activities in the lighted up forest. The “Skyways of the Lucky Land” has separate tickets.

However, the Tērvete Butterfly House from 10 AM until 6 PM will offer to marvel at the colourful beauty of tropical butterflies and, in spite of the persistent coldness of autumn, to warm up in a tropical climate. The Tērvete Butterfly House will offer to participate in an intriguing game – “Identify me if you can!”.

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete invites to enjoy a miraculous relaxation in nature and save these bright miraculous memories for days that become shorter and darker!