In school break – to Nature Park in Tērvete!

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete – an active, creative and educational recreation place in nature for young and old. During the school break go to the impressive pine forest!

In March, in the woodworking workshop of Dwarfs’ Cottage, nature friends have a chance to build a birdhouse with their own bands. Templates of 100 little birdhouses are waiting for their masters. Use some of the hundred opportunities to build a birdhouse on your own! Of course, active nature friends will be able to take their creation with them and set it up next to their house, in garden, in park, and be happy about the first tenants of the little house.

The Skyways of Tērvete also are slowly opening for the season. Register by calling +371 29944079, and groups of at least 3 persons can go on exciting adventure few metres above ground. Remember that the Skyways have separate prices from the entrance tickets of the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete!

Explore the new parts of the dwarf town Čiekure! Three new, exciting districts – Carpenters’ and Weavers’ Districts and the Canteen House. The town continues to grow and develop, and gives a chance to look into the colourful houses and pergolas of dwarfs. Walk the hillocks and lowlands of the Tērvete pine forest, little forest trails and the mighty stairs at the lowland of Tērvete river, relax and gain inspiration in nature!

However, on Saturday, 17 March, from 12 noon the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete will hold the first event to begin the tourist season of 2018 – the family day “Hop, Hop to Forest!”. We invite young and old nature friends to spend an active and sporty time in nature. Entrance in the event with entrance tickets of the park. We inform that event will be photographed.

LVM Nature Park in Tērvete – a miraculous recreation for all generations!