Christmas miracle at Nature Park in Tērvete

In the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete at the Dwarf Cottage from 10th until 21st December the creative environmental workshops with Christmas theme for pre-school and primary schools’ 1st and 2nd grade groups takes place. In these two weeks Nature Park in Tērvete will be surrounded with Christmas spirit and entwined in holiday scents, colours and feelings – the beautiful, light holiday miracle has arrived!

In the woodworking workshop children together with dwarfs will get to know the stories of various forest trees and with enthusiasm will do the task that they are given – create their own, special Christmas tree ornament with miraculous glitter. However, the Dwarf Mommy at the Dwarfery will invite children to make a special gingerbread cookie – to make and bake, and decorate, also learn about forest goods and ancient tools that were used in the old days by great-grandmothers to provide fire for family. The special decoration of gingerbread cookie will be made from the learnt forest goods – hazel nuts and dried cranberries – the vitamins found in our Latvian forests.


Together with the Dwarf Girl children go into a white, snow covered and mysterious blizzard. Here, children together with Dwarf Girl get answers to many questions about nature, miracles hidden in blizzard and Latvian traditions. Dwarfs have honest, kind-hearted nature – they are generous with advices about forest life, about Latvian holiday traditions, herbal tea knowledge and also about the secret how to wake up every morning and spend a day with joyful heart that is characteristic to dwarfs.


What else can be met at the fairytale-rich and surprising Nature Park in Tērvete? Here, children, when exploring the trails of Dwarf Forest, meet Santa Claus! But there is one little problem... Santa Claus has lost his horse! Together with the small nature friends Santa will go to search his lost friend. It is good that together they found his sleigh that is not just lying around Dwarfs’ Cottage without any reason, it had a very important load – presents of Christmas miracle!


Christmas time creative workshops at the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete are held every year. Hearts are opened for miracles, lots of fresh magical pine tree forest air and eyes are sparkling with mischievous, childish joy! Have a merry Christmas time!