In May the largest bicycle adventure park in Baltic will open in Tērvete

The tourist season of 2019 has brought news in the offer of active recreation and learning. The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete this summer will open the largest bicycle adventure park in Baltic in forest environment.

In the Tērvete region, in the newest thematic part in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete, next to the large car park, a bicycle adventure trail has been built and landscaped – an almost 3 km long trail through the changing, various forest setting. When building the trail, the advantages of relief were used, turns, curves were created, different elevations made – trampolines, curves, plank ways and bridges. The bicycle trail doesn't require special preparation skills, it is suitable for cyclists of various age and skills. The adventure trail has been divided into several stages – for the youngest nature friends (dip dap bikes and first bicycle age) an almost 400 m long trail has been made, however, for teens and adventurous nature friends a larger circle with appropriate difficulty level obstacles has been created. Benches and stands with stories how forest grows, who lives in it and how it changes have been put along the trail so that the visitors during their active recreation would be able to stop for a rest and learn something new. The new active recreation trail is suited for pedestrians, cyclists and also for new families with strollers. With the weather becoming better, warmer and happier, we invite to go into nature, to be active and athletic!

The opening ceremony of Tērvete bicycle adventure trail will take place on May 25, during the event “Forest Days of Latvia”, the opening of bicycle trail at 12 noon. However, starting from 12.30 noon a start for bicycle competition will be given in the newly opened bicycle trail. Read the rules of competition and participate!


Tērvete bicycle adventure park

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete invites to go into nature and be active!