LVM Nature Park in Tērvete is growing and changing

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete covers more than 1200 ha large territory and is one of the most favourite tourism destinations in Latvia and Baltic. In the large fairytale world in the forest of great pines every year the existing infrastructure is renovated, new exciting objects are planned and created.

Regular visitors of the park have noticed that nature park continues to grow and develop, surprise and educate year after year. The curly inhabitants of the Dwarfs’ Cottage, family of sheep, now have a new drinking trough which was made with the help of visitors of the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete. Patient, one day work was done together with big and small forest friends. That's one special creative work of visitors fulfilled this summer!

Close by, in the Dwarf's Village, new houses are under construction – with small windows, fine decorations and accurate roofs. Courtyards of the village are being renovated, are becoming larger and continue to bring joy to young and old visitors of the nature park.

Dwarf town Čiekure also is becoming larger. It is rich with colourful houses, even districts, this summer it is decorated with colourful flower necklaces, hats and belts. Town is changing, grows by days, also this summer it can be seen how the new accents of the town and buildings are being built! Čiekure continues to be the place for activities of “Domestic producers and craftsmen from Tērvete”, offering to participate in creative activities and to taste snacks and refreshing drinks made in Tērvete.

News also in the Fairytale Forest – several renovated wooden sculptures have been set up, Forest Witch has her special summer swings for relaxing. Active reconstruction works have been performed also in the Playground, where the roof of open-air stage and the bridge over Tērvete River have been renovated.

Tērvete has provided a surprise for cycling enthusiasts and active recreation lovers – Tērvete bicycle adventure park was opened this summer! Bicycle park is divided in several stages, they are suitable for cyclists of various age and skills, and it doesn't require special preparation skills to use it. Benches and stands with stories how forest grows, who lives in it and how it changes have been put along the trail so that the visitors during their active recreation would be able to stop for a rest and learn something new. The Nature Park in Tērvete continues to surprise, everyone will find something interesting here.

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete has become not only one of the most popular destinations for family recreation and school excursions, but is also becoming a centre of children and youth forest environment education, encouraging to go into nature, to get to know and to relax actively. Here, school excursions in the Green Classroom and educational hikes in forest environment can be combined with active recreation and fun, making educational process exciting and more unusual than we are used to. More information about environmental education lessons in the new school year by calling to the environmental education specialists of the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete – +371 29183595.

LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

LVM Nature Park in Tērvete wishes a marvellous and active recreation for all generations! Wishing you to find time for yourself and family, break away from the mundane, go to nature, be in peace!