Go to nature, enjoy autumn vibes, discover lightness of walks in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

Autumn is slowly making his colourful steps in the LVM Nature Park in Tērvete, the first yellow tones appear in deciduous trees that are slowly scattering the evergreen pine forest with colours. In clear, sunny days sunbeams are playing in the branches of the miraculous pine forest, creating light performances that are pleasant for eyes and heart.

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete encourages to enjoy autumn in forest – walk the winding trails of miraculous Tērvete forest, meet the Forest Witch, visit the Dwarf family and get to know dwarf secrets, visit dwarf town Čiekure, explore the new districts of the town and climb the great Wooden View Tower, and, of course, take pictures with Sprīdītis and Giant Lopear – that is an unchanging tradition of family photo albums for decades, sometimes even from generation to generation. Have fun in the Playground, overcoming the obstacles in wooden constructions and ropes, or go on adventure in the wooden Labyrinth, find your way out of it!

Those, who want to move further form the more active parts of the Nature Park in Tērvete, go to explore less known trails of park and disappear in long, inspiring autumnal walks. Recover yourself from the mundane in the most romantic part of park – Iršu Garden or Sun’s Spirit Valley or get to know the Old Pine Forest – where you get to enjoy the beautiful sight of three hundred years old pines!

Very soon the active season of fairytale land in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete will be over, the Lulling of Fairytale event – on October 12, on Saturday! For the last time this year, all fairytale characters can be met in the forest that is filled with fairytales – Forest Witch, members of Dwarf family, Princess Zeltīte, inhabitants of Stingy’s hut and others. Participate in the lulling of Fairytale!

Active recreation enthusiasts are offered several classic orienteering tracks of different difficulty levels and lengths – 2.6 km, 48 km and 6.4 km long. Maps, control cards and information about the activity can be received in the Information Centre of LVM Nature Park in Tērvete. Relax and enjoy autumnal vibes in forest with sports and activities!

Until October 12 enjoy a tropical climate, catch the joy of colours and learn many interesting things in the Tērvete Butterfly House. Butterflies there – the colourful tropical beauties – demonstrate their multicoloured wings. For more information call +371 26622444, http://tervetestaurini.lv/.

The fearless are invited to go on adventure in the Skyways of the Lucky Land, 4 to 10 m above ground in between the great pines of Tērvete walk through the wooden and rope constructions! For more information call +371 29944079, http://rekta.lv/atputa/tervete.

First autumnal signs in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

The LVM Nature Park in Tērvete invites to spend time in nature, receive joy from the changing weather, catch sunny days and “grow” a free and clean happiness.