Houses, villages and activities opened at the LVM nature park in Tērvete


The Fairytale land in all of the corners for LVM nature park in Tērvete is opened once agaid. Friends of nature, admirers of fairy tales or simple walks in the nature, both big and small, are now all welcome to explore the nature park.

In order to welcome visitors to enjoy the company of the gnomes, even if from a distance and taking every precaution there is, the Gnome dad has built a Summer house. It’s located right there at the Gnome house and has been decorated with the most colourful flowers and adapted to gnome’s day-to-day tasks. There you can meet the Gnome dad who restlessly continues to create toys for children, Gnome mom and Gnome girl who both tap around as there are many of wool socks that must be knitted for for those cold winter days and teas must be dried.come and say “Hi!” to the Gnome family and lear three new gnome wisdoms.

The doors are opened not only at the gnome houses (Grinder house, Forester’s house, Underground gnome house), but also at the gnome town Čiekure with its 40 coulourful quarter houses. Walk through the narrow pathways, look through the windows of the residents. See how the craftsmen live! However, we encourage you to follow the 2 meter distance guideline and, if possible, avoid staying in one spot for more than 15 minutes.

The Gnome forest is full of wonders, but there lies another thing – the great Tērvete watchtower. Climb its ladder and take a look at the magnificent Zemgale plains from the 25 m high platform!

Those who appreciate passing their time in the nature will love the magical world of the Tērvete pine forest, that takes up 400 ha and is filled with 35 km of trails in total. Start with the colourful Gnome forest and continue with the mysterious Fairytale forest which is full of wooden sculptures.

But those who love to spend their time in a little bit more active maner can go and enjoy an adventurous obstacle course on the Sprīdītis trail. This trail is also the best and most convenient way to see all of the most remarkable places of the park during one long walk.

But those who choose to visit the Amusement park can go explore the wooden castle, observe the peaceful flow of the Tērvete river or try their balance and agility on the obstacle course that is located on the Lutausis and Sprīdītis road. If you go a bit further down the road, you can also find the great wooden maze – be clever and brave, finish the maze and enjoy the wild forest views.

In other great news – the Fairytale train has re-opened and is taking passengers through the forest once again. However, remember – in order to take a ride on the train you must follow the safety precautions, such as wearing a mask during the ride. Be responsible and enjoy the nature safely!


One day in the park simply isn’t enough to grasp everything that Tērvete has to offer. If there’s enough time or if you have chosen to stay in Tērvete for a few days, don’t forget to visit the new part of the park – the Land of Kurbads where you can go challenge yourself in the Tērvete Tarzan park, exhaust yourself by jumping around in the Tērvete net park or enjoy the tropical vibes at the Tērvete butterfly house.

LVM nature park in Tērvete wishes you the best and safest time spent in nature!