To the LVM Lake Lielauce after crayfish!


In the LVM Lake Lielauce an active crayfishing season takes place from 1 July until 1 October. As the supervisor of lake has observed, then both beginners and experienced crayfishing enthusiasts goes crayfishing. You have to arm yourself with patience and enthusiasm and you will succeed.

Before going crayfishing, it is advisable to contact us by calling the LVM Lake Lielauce boat rental +371 26556771. Crayfishing in the lake is allowed only with the available equipment of the LVM boat rental – boat and crayfish traps. The licence allows keeping up to 40 crayfish. The minimal allowable length of a crayfish is 10 cm, measuring from nose until the end of tail scales.

The LVM Lake Lielauce is rich not only with crayfish, but also with tench, perch and pike stocks. Nature friends have appreciated the floating cabins of the lake that gives a feeling of unforgettable adventure and a joy about the nature’s beauty.

 MG 9405

See you at the LVM Lake Lielauce!