New additions in Kalsnava Arboretum’s collection

A visit to the Essen Fair in January 2012 resulted in the establishment of several new valuable contacts. For Kalsnava Arboretum, the offer of unusually diverse conifers from the Kohout collection, near Essen in Germany, was particularly interesting.

Kalsnava Arboretum dendrologist/technician Benita Rudzīte informs:

Hence the challenge to add to Kalsnava Arboretum the unusual conifer tree shapes that grow in Germany’s milder climate. As a result, 23 fir, 9 European spruce, 13 other spruce species and 13 various pine species’ taxas are now in Kalsnava Arboretum collection, preparing for a test of Central Vidzeme Upland climate.

A new collection of trees grown in the arboretum’s sapling hothouse, as a result of new acquisitions from the International Seed Exchange, stands out in an odd contrast when compared to the various shapes and colours of conifers already at the arboretum. The new additions, which are yet being grown, include maidenhair tree /Ginkgo biloba/ from the Botanical Garden of Graz in Austria. Wheel tree /Trochodendron aralioides /from the University of Bergen in Norway is also quite unique. And Elliotia paniculata saplings ordered from the Gothenburg Botanical Garden in Sweden seem to be particularly delicate. It is yet to be seen how mulberry trees /Morus bombicis/ from Pruhonice in the Czech Republic will deal with Latvia’s winter.

Cotoneasters have already proved that they are able to withstand changeable winter weather in Latvia. This regardless the fact that the seedlings were ordered and received (from 2006 to 2009) from comparatively milder climate area countries: Brno and Pruhonice in the Czech Republic, Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, from Alpine botanical gardens in Austria.

24 European spruce /Picea abies/ and 15 Scots pine /Pinus sylvestris/ grafts from various locations in Latvia (obtained from 2006 to 2010) are being grown at the moment for a comparison of their growth and decorative properties, thanks to the enthusiasm of arboretum head Jānis Zīliņš and the National Botanical Garden Director Andrejs Svilāns, and the contribution of grafting experts Ināra Dzalbe and Vita Šulce.

Additions to the collection in the gallery:

Introduction of new trees and bushes takes many years of work. The final result depends on how well they pass the test of time.

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