LVM environmental education programmes invite to learn in forest

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Each year we invite to participate in various LVM school programmes, which are made for different schoolchildren age groups, with an aim to encourage children's contact with forest environment. Together we will discover more possibilities how to link education with the real life by implementing competency-based education about forest and its values.

Registration for preschool programme “Pigman's Detectives” and 1-6th grade programme “Mammadaba Masterclass” is open until September 20, because participants of these programmes will receive additional educational materials in October. However, for the 7-9th grade programme “LVM Forest Game” teams of students can submit their works until November.  The scholarship contest “LVM School of Bioeconomics” will pick up speed at the beginning of year 2020 when 10-12th grade students will be welcomed to submit their creative works explaining what is bioeconomics.  

Teachers, as well, have an opportunity to learn! In the framework of project “School 2030”, in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Center for Educational Innovation of the University of Latvia, a new interdisciplinary theme has been developed for 8th and 9th grade students – “Research in Forest” (Pētījums mežā), whose teachers are welcomed to take part in special further education courses in the September 26 of this year. Courses are free of charge, number of participants – limited.

More information about the programmes:

  • “Pigman's Detectives” for preschools –
  • “Mammadaba Masterclass” for 1- 6th grade students –
  • “LVM Forest Expeditions” for 6th grades –
  • “LVM Forest Game” for 7- 9th grade students –
  •  “LVM School of Bioeconomics” for 10-12th grade students –
  • Further education courses for teachers –
  • In collaboration with the National Centre for Education, each year the JSC “Latvijas valsts meži” invites schools to learn from the nature. Starting with pre-school toddlers and ending with university students and teachers – everyone has a chance to go to the trails of LVM and strengthen school knowledge with practical tasks in nature.

    Each year more than 20,000 children, youth and teachers learn about forest in the varied school programmes of LVM. The LVM environmental education programmes in Latvia are carried out since 2015, basing on the International Environmental Education Programme “Learning About Forest”, which takes place in more than 20 countries.