Brooms of witches will get together at LVM Kalsnava Arboretum


The magic of night, magical atmosphere and the temptation of fire lights – a perfect combination to hold the event, characteristic to the dark autumn time, for the third time in LVM Kalsnava Arboretum’s garden – Witches’ Brooms Ball. On October 12 from 5 PM weather observers promise good conditions to arrive to the territory of arboretums via flying or on wheels and to unite in an event, which is dedicated to witches’ brooms.

The folk-metal band “Skyforger” will make all the brooms dance, they have prepared a special, folksy programme. Juris Kozlovskis from improvisation show “Spiediens” will keep a cheerful spirit and will take care that everything happens according to the plan of witches’ senate.

The most active visitors of the event, who fly in packs (up to 4 persons), are invited to participate in orienteering competition through the nightly magical territory of arboretums. Register your team in advance – until October 10 by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the application write: name of team and mobile phone number of one team member.

However, the most creative and artistic visitors will be invited to a brighter corner to create, get to know and try out.

All witches and companions of witches are invited to enter the beauty competition of costumes “Ms and Mrs Broomstick 2019”.

At an evening hour visitors will be treated with a superb delicacy – soup and tea made on bonfire. Masters of kandža (moonshine) from Ērgļi will arrive with a special tasting. 

You will be able to warm up also in fun activities, where the nimblest ones will be properly warmed up and possibly will win prizes.

If anyone during the event will get inspired and will be ready to become a broom master, then the Broom Workshop will offer to make your own broom for suitable flying. Also, brooms with sufficient run will be able to pass the roadworthiness test.

At the end of event a special fire show.

More about the event:

Entrance prices: 8 EUR adults; 5 EUR schoolchildren, students, seniors; 20 EUR for orienteering team.

For information call +371 27841099, +371 29326912.

Event will be filmed and photographed and recorded images can be used for the publicity of the event.