Crayfish Fishing

Crayfish has always been a popular delicacy with Latvians, which is proven by multiple mentions of crayfish fishing in Latvian literature. It has to be said though that crayfish fishing is only legal in areas where licenced crayfish fishing is permitted, and prohibited elsewhere.

Crayfish may be caught only by hand, or by no more than 5 “krītiņi”. A “krītiņš” is a small fishing net that may be bought in angling shops, but it is considered a comparatively boring method when compared to crayfish fishing by hand, and generally frowned upon.

According to regulations, one licence may be used to catch up to 40 crayfishes. They have to be at least 10 centimetres long from nose to the end of the tail. Crayfish fishing is prohibited from October 1 to June 30 ever year, whereas female crayfishes with obvious eggs may not be caught at all.