In terms of bird and fish stocks, LVM Lake Kaņieris is one of the richest lakes in Latvia. It is a popular place among fishermen and birdwatchers.

LVM Lake Kaņieris boat station from a bird’s eye view:

Pike are the most-caught fish in LVM Lake Kaņieris, followed by tench, roach, rudd, bream, crucian carp, golden carp and perch. The biggest pike of the past five years weighed 11.7 kilograms. LVM Lake Kaņieris boat station offers anglers 43 boats. The lake’s fish stocks are replenished each year, not only artificially, but also by allowing the fish to enter the lake from the sea with the help of a floodgate.

There is a well-equipped and modern boat station with a parking lot, toilets with hot and cold water, and a bird-watching tower.

Spring and the second half of summer – fall until the end of September - is the best time for bird-watching on LVM Lake Kaņieris. At the beginning of spring or summer, you can come on night tours and listen to various bird species singing at night. You can hear bitterns, warblers, if lucky – little crakes and water rails, now and then – little bitterns. During the day, it is also possible to observe a hunting white-tailed eagle.

The presence of any watercraft on LVM Lake Kaņieris without prior consent from JSC “Latvijas valsts meži” is prohibited!


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Zemgale Province, Tukums Region

Phone: +371 29253514


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