A cabin on a lake where you can fish up tench through windows? Where is it? On LVM Lake Lielauce! Here you can also hope for abundant catches of perch and pike.

The chances of great catches are high, since the lake’s fish stocks are replenished each year. Meanwhile, birdwatchers can be on the lookout for an osprey on the prowl, migrating bean geese and nesting waterfowl.

Lielauce Castle lies next to the lake, connected with a long plank-way to the lake’s shore, where anglers and vacationers will be welcomed by JSC “Latvijas valsts meži” boat station with 15 boats and two cabins on the lake with 8 beds. What could be nicer than relaxing in such a cabin, gently swaying on the waves and listening to the lake’s voices after a day-long boating?

The presence of any watercraft on LVM Lake Lielauce without prior consent from JSC “Latvijas valsts meži” is forbidden!


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