LVM Pokaiņi Forest is an unusual tourist attraction due to its miraculous tales. It is located 13 kilometers away from Dobele, in the direction of Īle. The forest has grown on steep hills and deep valleys, creating a unique picturesque landscape. Here lie the famous Pokaiņi stone stacks, in groups or piles. Such an amount of stones of all shapes and sizes creates an extraordinary impression. Many people even experience peculiar energies flowing through them. Some see visions; others perceive a flow of information. Pokaiņi Forest guides and visitors talk about abnormal natural phenomena, while sages, healers and psychics consider the forest an ancient sanctuary.

Even if personal conviction and the lack of scientific explanation prevent one from believing in supernatural miracles, the calmness of the surrounding area and an opportunity to enjoy an interesting stroll in the fresh air will cheer up any skeptical minds. The most important – do not forget comfortable shoes as LVM Pokaiņi Forest trails are also popular among orienteering enthusiasts.

The cashier is closed from 03.07 to 04.07.

Entrance fees: 

  • adults - 2.00 EUR
  • children - 1.70 EUR
  • full-time students, senior citizens - 1.70 EUR
  • up to 7-year-old children, special boarding school and orphanage students – free admission.

Vehicle entrance fees:

  • Cars – 1.50 EUR
  • Bus ride on "Loka ceļš" – 4.50 EUR
  • Visitor welcome at "Trijstūris" – 1.50 EUR