In the late 19th century, northern Vidzeme was hit by vast forest fires. Therefore it was decided to build a cone drying facility in Vijciems, a place were seeds are extracted cones for reforestation. The Vijciems Cone Drying Facility is one of the oldest in Latvia. It operated without any interruptions from 1895 until the 1970s, and reopened in 1992.

During your visit to the Vijciems Cone Drying Facility, you will witness how seeds are extracted from cones for reforestation with the help of the original equipment, more than 100 years old.

The Vijciems Cone Drying Facility offers:

  • tours for groups and individual visitors;
  • a demonstration of cone-processing cycle;
  • information about the historical Mežmuiža estate;
  • special offers for schoolchildren and groups;
  • cone-processing for forest owners.

When going to Vijciems, it is possible to arrange an extended walking route, which includes not only a tour of the cone drying facility, but also a visit to Vijciems Hunting Castle, a forestry and Strenči tree nursery, for which the entrance ticket bought at the Vijciems Cone Drying Facility will be valid.

Object Contact:

Mežmuiža, Vijciems County, Valka Region, LV-4733

Phone: 26478620


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