Supplement of fish resources

Just like in an aqua park, pretty large, vivacious pickerels find their way through a giant tube into the spacious reed covered Lake Kaņieris. At first new inhabitants timidly lie down on the grassy bottom, then they acclimatise and leave for the open lake. Some of more hungry ones already aim at a shoal of minnows, who float without any feeling of danger on the upper, sun bathed, warm layer of the lake water. After a short moment the shoal of minnows swim away. Some of them are lucky, but some of the careless, sleepier minnows, become the first capture of the new inhabitant.

Every year the lake, which is teeming with fish, is visited by four to five thousand fishermen. In cooperation with the municipal authority of Lapmezciems and Fish Fund the fish supplies of the lake are regularly stocked up. Usually every year 400 thousand pike maggots are stocked in the lake. This year it was possible to replace them with one-summer pikes. Knowing that almost one hundred percent of these pikes survive and successfully adapt in a new environment, the project was implemented in the beginning of October, and after two years the catches of anglers already became richer due to these pickerels. At Lake Kaņieris almost every fisherman will be able to find a pleasant activity. The anglers go for seducing perch and pike, fishermen snatch at tench papa, rudd and giant autumn bream. Also it should be mentioned, that the sharp wind weather of autumn is suitable for the fishing of prize pike. Large waves dislodge these giants from the abitual shelters in the reeds and when the wind calms down, they are desperate to swallow the bait.

Perhaps you fishermen have a desire to scuffle with some autumn monster? Kaņieris is waiting for you!