Workshop of Christmas decorations at Kalsnava

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The same as every year, in November Christmas decorations are being made at Kalsnava Arboretum. The waiting time has come. The crowns are being made from cones, seeds, leafs of conifers growing in the Kalsnava Arboretum. Each artist – employee of the arboretum, has their own style, therefore the crowns are so different! There are brown, yellow colouring, grey lichen, red berries. The diversity is so huge!

A cone is an especially beautiful formation of nature. They are meddlesome and even, green, grey, brown, rosy, large and small, round and elongated – each of them so different and marvellous! The fir-tree already gets its cones in the first year, but the pine tree – only the next year. This year was uncommonly rich with cones!

The pleasant smell of resin from cones picked up this year dominates in the crown workshop: meddlesome Douglas fir, symmetric cones of mountain pine trees, light brown keen fir-trees or the fragile Canada fir-tree and violet Serbia fir-tree. Long decorative cones of Rumelia, the black and yellow pine tree, are used for greater accent. Extremely small cones of hemlocks and American larch can be used as well.

The complementary extras, required for the modern, interesting decoration of the cone crown, are also collected: black alder cones, cone berries of junipers, chestnuts, acorns, and hats of acorns, nuts with clusters, walnuts, moss, seed pods of rhododendrons, arboraceous peonies, flowers, polypore, scales of white fir cones and others. This year some of the arboretum crowns will be inhabited by dwarves and angels.

Of course, the formation of the crowns takes large patience, imagination and joy of creative work. In the process of formation of the crowns positive thoughts are being formed and creative energy is being transmitted, so that every person who purchases these crowns will have enough luck and joy in their day! 

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You can find the cone crowns and decorative balls at 1 Vaiņodes Street.

Information has been prepared by: S. Rukmane, head of the Arboretum Information Centre, telephone: + 371 27841099