WWI riflemen commemorated at Lozmetejkalns


January 2015 will mark 98 years since the legendary Christmas Battles of World War I. In order to commemorate the anniversary, remembrance events dedicated to the Christmas Battles will take place on January 10, 2015. Bonfires will be kindled on Lozmetejkalns (Machine Gun Hill) in dedication to the heroic deeds of the Latvian Riflemen.

Lozmetejkalns acquired its name already during World War I, as the German army had heavily fortified the location. Lozmetejkalns is part of the Gara Kapa sandhill (the High Sand-dune), which is 18.5 meters high and 70-300 meters wide. Memorial sites of the 1916 Christmas Battles – trenches made by Russian and German soldiers, memorial tablets placed on gap breakthroughs, and the cemetery – can be seen in the vicinity of Lozmetejkalns, Tirelpurvs, and "Mangali" homestead.


Nowadays, Lozmetejkalns is a national historic landmark. In 2005, the site, which made the Latvian Riflemen a legend, was fitted with a 27-meter high watchtower, built by "Latvian State Forests", offering a panoramic view of the battlefield where the Christmas Battles took place.


At the beginning of January every year, the vicinity of Lozmetejkalns features commemorative events dedicated to the Latvian Riflemen.