Publicly-accessible electric mobile charging stations

At the end of 2014, and as part of the Climate Change Financial Instrument project, "Latvian State Forests" (LVM) introduced two publicly-accessible electric mobile charging stations at the travel and recreation center "Spare" and at Tervete Nature Park, with capacity of charging two electric automobiles simultaneously

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Connection to these relatively fast-charging stations and the charging itself requires no assistance; a payment card is used for transactions. The price is determined by calculating the charging time and the amount of electricity used. The charge time depends on the technology of the electric vehicle; nevertheless, these stations are capable of operating even 2-4 times faster than when using a traditional power plug and socket. The said charging stations are compatible with any electric automobile that supports a Type 2 connector (Mode 3 standard).

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At the end of the year, and during the "Procurement of Electric Vehicles" project, LVM employees began using Nissan e-NV200 and Mitsubishi iMiev electric automobiles on the job. LVM Economic Department Director Janis Bite reveals his first impressions when driving the eco-friendly automobile: "We made a trip from Riga to our workplace in Tervete in November, using the seemingly-small, comfortable Mitsubishi iMiev that is fitted with a 49kW electric engine. After 3-4 hours of "filling up" at the fast-charge station, we could easily make our way back! Meanwhile, the Nissan e-NV200 is the largest electric automobile currently available on the market (5 seats, 3.1 m3 of storage space). The 80kW engine provides dynamic acceleration, the security and comfort equipment is on par with the modern automobiles, while its 24 kW/h of battery capacity allows to cover a distance up to 100 km, and in winter conditions as well!"


The charging stations were set up as part of the project "Reduction of greenhouse effect emissions by setting up the publicly-accessible charging station "Dumbri" in Gibuli County, Talsi Region" and project "Reduction of greenhouse effect emissions by setting up the publicly-accessible charging station "Tervetes pils" in Tervete County, Tervete Region, Tervete".