From LVM Jaunmoku Palace into the European Romantic Era of music


The duo “AnMira Duo” from Lithuania will visit the LVM Jaunmokas Palace White Hall on 4 November at 5:30 with a concert of chamber music of Romantic Era for flute and piano.  The hour long programme will include compositions of W.A.Mozart, F.Chopin, F.Liszt, G.Bizet, F.Doppler, V. Pop and J.Andersen, that have composed or arranged in the 19th century – in the period, which in the world's music is known as a Romantic Era.In the chamber ensemble “AnMira Duo” plays pianist Maria Mirovska from Ukraine and flutist Anton Abanovich from Russia. The musicians started their professional collaboration in late 1990s, in the period, when they studied in the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow. After graduating their paths separated, but in 2014 they found a possibility to reunite and continue their creative collaboration.

In the last years, the ensemble has settled in Lithuania and gives regular concerts in Europe and Russia. The repertoire of the ensemble includes a wide stylistic range – from the polyphonic compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach up to the modern compositions of 21st century composers.

Maria Mirovska was born in Kharkov (Ukraine) and started her piano lessons already at the age of 6, but her first performance with a symphony orchestra was at the age of 11, but first solo concert – when she was 14 years old. Later she continued her musical education in the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow and perfected her knowledge in multiple master-courses of professors Walter Blankenheim, Dmitry Bashkirov, Klaus Hellwig. For more than 15 years the pianist cooperates with multiple chamber music collectives, including, “Moscow Classic Ensemble”, “Excellente”, “Glinka Academy of Soloists”, Association of Moscow musicians “Ad libitum”, and also with musicians Gleb Karpushkin (French horn) and Marina Chizhenko (soprano). M. Mirovska regularly performs as a soloist together with different orchestra and has collaborated with conductors Dmitry Orlov, Vitaly Kutsenko, Pavel Baginsky, Yury Yanko, Alexander Khourghin, and others.  Flutist Anton Abanovich was born in Moscow, Russia, and gained a significant musical education in the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, but in 2014 Moscow State Conservatory assigned to him a Doctor of Arts (Ph.D.) degree. A. Abanovich has worked in several Russian symphony orchestras, and also has toured as orchestra, ensemble and solo artist through Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, France, Finland and Japan. Since 1997 A. Abanovich has also taught in various musical schools and his pupils participate and also become winners in various local and international competitions. He has created his own method of how to learn flute playing.The concert in LVM Jaunmokas Palace will include compositions of Romantic Era composers for piano solo and together with flute, and also fantasies about well known opera themes.