LVM environmental expert reminds – wild animal babies do not need saving

20190530 103448

May and June in forest is the time of babies – also for foxes. Frequently, next to badger or raccoon dog caves, which have been chosen by fox family as their home, playing small fox kits can be met. The LVM senior environmental expert Mārtiņš Kalniņš reminds that even though in the first moment it might seem that kits are abandoned, still mother is somewhere near hunting and watches over her kits. Be careful and observant – don't move the kits under no circumstances!

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“Kits that are playing in forest do not need saving, because their mother is close by. Kits are curious – if they are not frightened they can be watched even from a very close distance, but don't take them in hands – kits can bite and can be carrying various diseases,” points out expert.

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Every spring and summer people take deer fawns, fox kits and raccoon dog cubs to animal shelters thinking that their parents have left their babies. But it is not the case. For babies to grow healthy and strong they need to grow up in their natural habitat, need to learn how to hunt and need to receive that nutrition that is provided in wildlife.