Four “mothers” above metre – most generous May in “Release the Mother!” history

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The spawn of pike, perch and zander this year was 2-3 weeks earlier that usually, almost in all waters since the last year the water lever has stayed low, at the end of May in some places algal bloom has been observed – learning this after calling to bases of “Release the Mother!” collaboration lakes all over Latvia. Even though pikes like bad weather, when barometer is falling, looking into “Release the Mother!” contest table, it must be concluded that this predator in the beginning of this season has been rather active: the warmer the water the more you have to eat!

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Sometimes measurement trough is forgotten, but you dont have to kill it just because of ambition – it would be great if more fishermen thought the same

“Release the Mother!” season in different contest's collaboration lakes begins in different periods – LVM Lake Lielauce, LVM Lake Kaņieris, Engure Lake and Babīte Lake, LVM Tērvete Reservoir and Seda Ponds – in separate areas of the lakes, restrictions has been set until middle of June for the protection of nature. Fishing restrictions in the boat season in spring, mainly protects the winged species on waters while they nest and during hatching, but it benefits fish as well – predators get to eat more than in other places, where spiky hooked lures of anglers makes them be more careful already from the first day of May. The next relaxation time for fish will be when the first thin ice appears, which doesn't hold the weigh of human, but is also too thick for a boat; after that “vacation” only from March 1... Concluding the thought – the active period for pike fishing is approximately 9.5 moths each year or 284 days, when every day some angler, not breaking any regulations, can keep 5 caught pikes starting from 50 cm and more. In theory – 5 tens with total weight of 50 kilograms can be compared to 5 kilogramme total weight of 5 kilogrammers. There are skilful ones who see a selfish opportunity here and aim specifically to the big pike mothers, and keep the maximum of allowed number. The “Killer” has a rower/passenger with him and according to law – 10 fish are allowed, easy! Fish are legalised in the black market. Suffers Lake Babīte, LVM Lake Kaņieris, LVM Gulbju Lake, from Lake Alūksne no complaints yet. In Alūksne the opposite – this season there is a fishing guide – Normunds Ikomass (Pike in LV) the popular and hopeless large pike hunter began to offer his services. Client has to dress according to conditions, everything else – equipment and lures, training, boating (with a proper Lund motorboat), settling “on fish” and help with a fish is the responsibility of Normunds, which he carries properly – just in May around 30 caught and released pike mothers and a bunch of happy clients, and a contribution to responsible angling trend in the beautiful waters of Latvia. “Release the Mother!” suggests if you want to feel like a real trophy hunter – schedule time in the boat of Normunds (contacts on FB)! Only some part of all the caught and released fish gets in the table of “Release the Mother!” – sometimes with all the excitement, angler just simply forgets to take a measurement trough, some are even on a level higher – after assessing the conditions, for example, big heat and sun or injured fish, angler releases fish in landing net and releases the fish not taking it in hands or taking a hook out with hook pincers if its hooked on the outside and releases a freely swimming fish.

The contradicting legal atmosphere in the relationships between fishermen and predatory fish has to be evaluated to completely understand the nobleness of recreational fishermen releasing large size predators and sending in the data about them to contest “Release the Mother!”, in contrast to meanness of meat hunters, who follow the news about caught and released large pikes to know where the catching has become more active, with just one thought – selecting a destination for hunt and go to kill. The fellow and followers of the movement believe that this could be the right moment to change the 5 keep pikes to 3 in the fishing regulations, and also set the length limit from 70 centimetres.


The largest pike in May – 120 cm – a solid applicant in the battle for the top five of the whole season

The first month of 4th season brought new achievements – a new total number record of large pikes has been set and a record of longest fish in May for pikes, and also the largest number of participants and new participants for this month. Four out of all caught and released large pikes in May were metre long – accordingly 100, 100, 101 and 120 centimetres – place of origin – Lake Alūksne. From the LVM lakes 10 fish applications has been received all together, the most productive one – LVM Lake Lielauce, 6 applications from Lake Alūksne, 2 from Lake Burtnieks and one pretty one from Lake Opsa. May’s applications’ in total – 1808 centimetres of caught and released large trophies from 13 fishermen – 5 of them participating in the contest for the first time – others are together with the movement of responsible fishing already from previous seasons. 40 centimetres from the total length of fish is a solid perch, other fish that reach the minimal length – 21, are pikes. The average length of pikes – impressive 85 centimetres or approximately 4 to 5 kilogrammes in weight.

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Worth to mention, but slender after the spawn

The winner of the month, way ahead of others, is Ingus ozoliņš from Alūksne, who has changed his weapons this year – the non-sporty trolling has been replaced with big-bait angling, an active and dynamic activity with elements of track and field. Ingus got both the largest pike of the month and also the largest total length of 3 fish – 321 centimetres. The second best performance by Matīss Rušs, a long-term Mammadaba Angling Championship participant, 2nd longest pike – 95 centimetres and the second largest total length of 3 one species fish of one month – 250 centimetres. Aleksandrs Vasiļjevs also received prizes for an application of “gold” perch from LVM Lake Lielauce.

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Contest “Release the Mother!” continues until the November 30, all fishermen can participate in it in the collaboration lakes of the project. We remind – if you are older than 16 years old, then send in information about pikes that are at least 70 cm long, if you are 16 or younger then you can send in data about pikes that are at least 50 cm long. Be a responsible new angler – ask dad not to help you! The most active new anglers will receive prizes!

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