3rd competition of Angling Championship – there are fish in LVM Gulbju Lake

Photo: The winners of 3rd competition of Mammadaba Angling Championship at LVM Gulbju Lake – (from left) Uldis Veidemanis and Artūrs Veidemanis.

Even though the astronomical summer will start only on June 21 the Mammadaba Open Angling competition from boats is already in its midway. As usual, the third competition came with heat and only a light wind from time to time rippled the smooth surface of the water. Though, it must be said that it was not just the wind that twirled the water, but also the catches of the competition's participants, especially on the day before competition, during training, LVM Gulbju Lake proved that impressive size pikes and large perches live in its shallow waters. However, competitors on the training day already proved themselves as skilful sportsmen and the largest pike on this day was 103 centimetres long. But the best part – fish were active, hooked fearlessly and actively and gave hope for the competition day.

Otrās vietas ieguvēji Aivars un Māris Smilgas

Photo: The 2nd place in 3rd competition of Mammadaba Angling Championship at LVM Gulbju Lake – (from left) Māris Smilga and Aivars Smilga.

On the morning of competition day participants unanimously voted for an eigth hour long competition time, because the valuable points need to be collected, positions have to be secured, or have to move up in the result the table. They all had different aims, bet all of them were exciting to rush to the boat to have a fierce and hard battle for the LVM gift cards and overall prizes, that this year are provided by “Salmo” Ltd. Www.salmo.lv with “Lucky John” product line, “Laivu depo” Ltd. Www.laivudepo.lv, „Gold Fishing, www.sargofish.eu” , fishing store „Copes lietas pie Uģa”, „Dole Marine” Ltd., www.boats.lv , journal „Copes lietas” and Latvia Angling Sport Federation.

Trešie Māris Efners Jānis Gaborecs no kreisās

Photo: The 3rd place in 3rd competition of Mammadaba Angling Championship at LVM Gulbju Lake – (from left) Māris Efners and Jānis Gaborecs.

Hours passed quickly, minutes shot by like dragonflies by lake reeds, catch sheet was filling with new entries and, even though all teams caught fish, for some everything was not going as easy as planned. The overall leaders after two competitions – Mārtiņš Krampāns and Dmitrijs Kručinskis from “Dm Team” – were not able to find the right approach to attract pikes, they got the eleventh place in competition and ranked in the third place in overall. The largest sixty nine centimetre long pike was caught by Raivis Dzenis from “Fisher”, but it was not enough to get into the top three, Raivis with his teammate Agnis Tīfentāls got fourth place, but their performance is stable and these men hold the second place in the overall. Māris Efners and Jānis Gaborecs from “X-Fisher” were fighting hard, caught four pikes, four perch, got the third place in the competition and fourth place in the overall. Stable performance was shown also by Māris Smilga and Aivars Smilga from “Čuš”, they got five pikes, three perch, the second place in LVM Gulbis Lake allowed to step up to the highest place in overall. The experts of shallow waters Artūrs Veidemanis and Uldis Veidemanis from “Pils 2” confirmed that in spite of their bad luck in the first two competitions they are ready to fight for high places in the remaining three competitions and also in overall, these men, who got six valid pikes and two perch from the LVM Gulbju Lake ranked in the first place in the competition.

Everything is still unclear, everything is still ahead, everything can happen and intrigue remains, how it will turn out in the remaining Mammadaba Angling Championship’s competitions will show, it will take place after the summer holidays on the August 24 in the LVM Tērvete Reservoir.


Overall of Championship