Starting transformation of inactive area of Jaunmokas Manor’s park

The structure of Jaunmokas Palace's park consists not only of historical buildings and greenery, but also park glades, ponds, roads and paths. Its territory is 9.8 ha large with more than 60 different species of shrubs and trees, including, two of local nature conservation objects – small-leave lime and common lime lanes planted at the beginning of 20th century. The main leitmotif of the park is the regular central part and scenic greenery in the rest of the territory, which corresponds with the palace building and the period of English park style development in Europe.

The LVM “Jaunmoku pils” Ltd. new reconstruction conception of park's territory (authors – TOTUS Ltd. and landscape architect N. Ņitavska) envision is to maintain keeping in order the existing active area with walking trails, Garden of Herbs, Rhododendron Garden, 30 year oak stand, rose beds, but also landscaping the inactive area – old fruit tree garden territory, hazel-tree plantations, Three oak grove and other important nature objects of the park.

In summer-autumn season of 2018 work for the walking trail “Trail of Flowers” (Ziedu ceļš) have began – ~ 90 m long with 3 different colour flower beds of 787 m2 area, with collections of diverse grass plants (849 plants) and perennials (1622 plants). Even though flower beds are not even close to their full bloom, part of the envisioned can be seen already in the Garden Festival on July 7, when visitors will be introduced with the Manor’s Park, its old plans and new visions. Simultaneously Garden Festival incorporates in the activities of Historical Garden Days organised by the Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors.

The creation of a part of trail “Trail of Flowers” is fulfilled with the financing obtained by the support association “ALEJA” of Jaunmokas Palace in the project competition of Schwenk Opportunity Fund.