Retrospective of trophy mothers and Latvian record in “Makšķerē ar Olti”


“The fish of dreams” is the North in the compass of a fisherman. No matter what obstacles life would bring to fisherman – imaginary pointer will always point into the direction of the dream, which, with years, becomes even more savoury and defined: to catch not only a trophy or even a record, but do it within a specific angling method where many criteria are affecting the result. For example, to feel the unbelievable weight and incredible force of the dream fish in your favourite waters, fishing with the one lure, in a specific technique and conditions that “is precursory to the climax of the dream”, moreover, maybe even together with a specific person?

But maybe someone has a dream to catch the smallest fish, not the biggest? On the other side of the planet – in Japan – there is a significant bunch of enthusiasts of fish tank fishing – completely different understanding about records! Armed with magnifying glasses (it is not possible to assemble with a naked eye) enthusiasts of this fishing fetish are aiming to catch the smallest fish!

There are no borders to the dream world of a fisherman, but if there would be, then it would be somewhere between the personal and world record and if reached, it would stretch out further into the fantasy world of a dreamer, the same as in the story of Hemingway.

The 4th season of “Release the Mother!” in LVM Lake Kaņieris is beating the records and bringing big and small sensations from other lakes that have joined throughout the years since the contest begun in LVM lakes in 2016, also creative team of “Release the Mother!” continue to “crack” (started in the previous episode) mystery of the Latvian record pike – finds the head of record pike and brings it to Environmental Solution Institute to determine the age and size of it...