Golden morning hour – 4th competition of Angling Championship at LVM Tērvete Reservoir

Photo: 4th competition of Mammadaba Angling Championship, from left: Andris Kušķis, Dainis Podžuks,Gatis Gentvilo, Atis Švarcbahs, Māris Smilga, Aivars Smilga.

A fresh breeze ruffled the surface of LVM Tērvete Reservoir, soft light of the rising sun lit up the surroundings, clouds idly wandered in the sky. The weather brought hope about catches in the hearts of twenty six men, who, full of determination and ready to battle, stood on another, now the 4th competition opening line, to continue the battle for points in the Mammadaba Open Angling Championship, and in a case of good results receive some of the prizes from this year's organiser’s “Latvijas valsts meži” and sponsors’ “Salmo” Ltd. with “Lucky John” product line, “Laivu depo” Ltd., „Gold Fishing,” , fishing store „Copes lietas pie Uģa”, „Dole Marine” Ltd.,, journal „Copes lietas” and Latvia Angling Sport Federation.
 Sun even didn't get to peek through one eye at the reservoir filled with bird songs, when thirteen teams rushed to get some valid points. Here it must be said that the early morning hour was generous and lavish, catch sheet was filling up with entries about fish, couple of hours passed and several teams already had three, some even four pikes in their balance. Also the big perch wanted to have some snack and the results promised to be good. Also some funny events happened, some team during their catching spree, with shaking hands, unhooked a next perch from hook, but he, rascal, thinking that this is his last moment and a road to cooking pan, made a triple flip and successfully landed back in the water. Points gone, but what’s there to do, the smarty perch didn't know that these competitions are nature and fish friendly.


This competition almost turned to be a tragedy for the team from Tukums, who had trained here for several days and had caught good catches and impressive specimen, but on Saturday inhabitants of the reservoir didn’t like anything from the previous days’ menus, also the soup spoons were switched to small, dessert spoons. Everything had to be started from beginning, but it took time, and when the first results appeared, morning generosity was over and thus a heavy fall in the result table. Very stable track records again were demonstrated by Māris Smilga and Aivars Smilga (Čuš), they received the third place and in the overall a decent leap in front of followers. Very tough battle took place between the “Rīgas asari” (Gatis Gentvilo and Atis Švarcbahs) and “ZS Karotītes” (Dainis Podžuks, Andris Kušķis) and only the pike caught by Gatis brought “Rīgas asari” the gold, but “ZS Karotītes” had to put up with the second place


Photo: Gatis Gentvilo, who caught the largest pike in the 4th competition of Mammadaba Angling Championship 2019.

Autumn is coming, maybe winter too, pikes have become hungrier, in this competition more than 30 pikes and an impressive bunch of perch volunteered for a photo shoot in the measurement trough, and two difficult, complicated and very intriguing competitions are still ahead. Will “Čuš” be able to hold their nerves and leader position, or some of the other following teams, with very close results, will manage to get closer? Who will have luck on their side and who will not we will see already in September!