Witches fly away – witches’ brooms stay

On the evening of October 12, in spite of the cold and dark time, magical evening full of sensations and emotions has been spent in the LVM Kalsnava Arboretum – Witches’ Brooms Ball 2019. This event in LVM Kalsnava Arboretum takes place for the third year.

Event has been dedicated to witches’ brooms that grow in the territory of arboretum. It marks the end of active tourist season and invites people to step into different characters, surrendering to the mystical atmosphere and gathering, taking part in different activities.

Raganu slotu balle 2019 99

Guests of the Witches’ Brooms Ball were invited to participate in different thematic activities. The most active witches and monsters, who flew to the event in groups, could test and prove their powers in orienteering through arboretum's territory and completing different tasks. This year 35 teams participated.

All visitors of the event were able to participate in sports activities by challenging themselves in six different tasks. Each witch and her broom were able to pass the roadworthiness test, showing skills in manoeuvring, landing, avoiding obstacles and being careful. In the creative corner everyone had an opportunity to create a present for themselves or for a friend – maple leaves’ roses and little carpets, dream catchers, beeswax wrap, and also special accessories. In the knowledge corner was an opportunity to hear the stories of wooden wool man Ritvars Točš, stories from LVM Kalsnava Arboretum director Jānis Zīliņš about witches’ brooms, and also learn more about the making of kandža (moonshine) from the “Kandža laboratorija”.

Herbal tea and special soup made on fire helped to warm up. Everyone was able to buy some practical, enjoyable and presentable thing after walking through the market of domestic producers and craftsmen.

In the culmination of evening the contest “Miss Broom” and “Mr Broomstick” took place where all witches and monsters were given a chance to walk on the runway to show off their broom or their costume.

The show of folk-metal band “Skyforger” made arboretum rumble and roll, it did not leave a single person indifferent, involving everyone in dances and stormy emotions. At the end of event visitors were surprised with a fire show.

The team of LVM Kalsnava Arboretum thanks everyone for participation and being together in the event and in this tourist season.

Witches’ Brooms Ball 2019

Nature is slowly calming down and the quiet season is beginning in arboretum, however, woody plants can surprise in all seasons. In the quiet season we will invite to informative and educational lessons. Christmas is just around the corner, it usually brings together people who want to participate in creative workshops.

Visit us and spend an exciting day in nature!