About mammadaba

Dear friends of nature!

On the one hand, the task of the JSC “Latvijas valsts meži” is simple and clear – to manage the forests belonging to the Latvian state. On the other hand, we would like to contribute to bringing people closer to nature.

This is the reason for the creation of mammadaba (Mother Nature) – the initiative of the JSC “Latvijas valsts meži”, the aim of which is to acquaint the inhabitants of Latvia and other countries with the wealth of our nature, allowing everyone to feel a commonality with the primitive beauty of nature.

There is someone in the world who is always waiting for you, who is always ready to listen to you, to comfort you , to feed you and to heal you. Who is this person? Most likely – it is your mother. Or Nature. Because Nature is as if our mother. For everyone, including our mums. Or as we – “Latvijas valsts meži”  – call it: mammadaba. In one word. Warmly, sweetly and personally.


Like a real mum, she is always waiting for us. You can't come to your mother untimely. There is always the right time – even in the middle of the night, even during a thunderstorm. mammadaba washes us in her lakes. mammadaba calms us in her forests. mammadaba feeds us with mushrooms and berries. She heals us with a resin scent and delights with bird songs. She is not angry if you have been away for a long time. She is our mum. She is good. And is waiting for us back. Alone or with our children. mammadaba has a lot to tell us. Both forgotten things and never realized. mammadaba has a pot of miracles and wisdom prepared for us. You visit your mum. And you come back. Being cleaner, smarter, happier. Welcome! The door is open!



It means Mother Nature. And it's true.




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