The Latvia's State Forests Kalsnava Arboretum

A gorgeous flowering green forest yard of the Latvia's State Forests, where natural rarities from all over the world are included

About Latvia's State Forests Kalsnava Arboretum

Latvia's State Forests Kalsnava Arboretum is a unique place for learning about the forest secrets in Latvia, where you can spend an exciting day with your classmates, friends or family in harmony with nature.

Latvia's State Forests Kalsnava Arboretum is neither a park nor a garden – it is rather a colourful flowering green yard of the Latvian state forests, where natural rarities from all over the world are included.It is the world of trees, where tree personalities are allowed to shine, revealing their extremely diverse nature.“Arbor”, translated from Latin, means “tree” and in the arboretum it is possible to get acquainted  with the samples of thousands of different rare species of trees and plants which can bloom and surprise in any season.

Magic nut-trees, tulip trees, smokebushes, snake spruce trees are waiting for visitors.  The impressive collection of trees, shrubs and lianas is supplemented every year!The rare tree garden can also be viewed from above, climbing the 25-meter-high wooden watch tower, which offers a unique panorama at any time of the year. Every year, the arboretum experiences various cultural events, romantic words “I do” and heartwarming moments of meeting each other. The garden is saturated with emotions. You are also invited to capture them.

Additional services:

  • consultations of dendrologists on growing trees and shrubs
  • well-equipped rest and picnic areas
  • watch tower (25 m high)
  • seminar rooms for rent (up to 60 persons)
  • outdoor terrace rental (up to 25 pers.)
  • wedding ceremony venues
  • materials for florists (cones, bolls, seeds, twigs)
  • seeds of ornamental trees and shrubs
  • water rose seedlings, etc.


recreation facilities

pay facilities

Labyrinth of conifers

Labyrinth of conifers



Special tree collection

Special tree collection

Camper parking lot

Camper parking lot

free facilities

Historical plantations

Historical plantations

Picnic areas

Picnic areas


Full and reduced prices for entrance tickets

EUR 8.00 – for adults

EUR 3.00 – for pupils

EUR 4.00 – for students, pensioners, disabled persons of group 3

50% discount in low season (from 1 November to 30 April)

Venue of the events

EUR 10.00/h – terrace

EUR 30.00/h – conference hall

EUR 50.00/day – reservation and arrangement of a picnic place


Free admission

For pre-school children, children with disabilities, disabled persons of group 1 and 2

Camper parking fee

EUR 15.00

EUR 10.00 – use of sanitary space

EUR 3.00/pers – use of sanitary space (WC, shower, laundry maschine)

Equipment rental

EUR 2.00 – garden trolley rental

EUR 3.00 – wheelchair rental

EUR 2.00 – umbrella rental

Guide services

EUR 30.00 – excursion in Latvian

EUR 40.00 – excursion in English

Pre-booking a group of up to 25 people

Excursion with e-mobile

EUR 40.00 – up to five people

Excursion must be booked in advance


Are dogs allowed in the arboretum?

Taking into account that the area is specially protected, pets are not allowed. They can be left at the information centre or you can go for a walk with the pet in the open area of the arboretum.

Is cycling allowed in the area?

It is allowed to enter the area by bicycle, but remember that pedestrians have a preference.

Can I bring any food and drinks from outside into this territory?

It is allowed to bring your own food into the territory. We comply with the rule: “Everything you brought along, take away with you”, so we invite you to take your waste with you after the picnic

Are campfire sites and rest areas available in the arboretum?

Picnic areas are available in the arboretum, but no fireplaces are available.

Is it allowed to walk on the grass?

Yes, it is allowed to walk on the lawn. Go and explore the rare trees closer! Remember that you are not allowed to walk in the greenery area.

How to book a tour?

Tours can be booked by calling 27841099 or writing to

What is the maximum and minimum group size for a tour?

The maximum number of people in a tour is 25 participants, but we will also lead the tour for one person.

When is it necessary to apply for a guide?

The guide must be applied for at least a week before the planned tour.




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