The LVM Lake Lielauce

Lake Lielauce is a special place, where vacationers and landscape enjoyers will find peace, fishermen will be happy for excellent catches, and bird watchers will appreciate the variety of water and other birds

About the LVM Lake Lielauce

In the LVM Lake Lielauce it is possible to catch great catches of pike and perch. Large sized tench can also be caught in this lake.

For the enjoyment of nature lovers and holidaymakers, next to the lake there is Lielauce Castle, from where by walking along a long footbridge you can get to the lake shore. Here you can go for a scenic walk in the surrounding area. In turn, bird watchers can try to see ospreys hunting across the lake, as well as other water birds nesting and migrating here.


The LVM Lake Lielauce has marshy shores. It is accessible only by a footbridge from Lielauce Castle. The bed of the lake is muddy. It is worth knowing that the LVM Lake Lielauce is part of the Vīķi Bog Nature Reserve.




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