The LVM Pokaiņi Forest

The LVM Pokaiņi forest is an unusual tourist attraction due to the miraculous stories associated to it. The forest has grown in the area of steep hills and deep valleys, creating an unusually picturesque landscape

About the LVM Pokaiņi Forest

The LVM Pokaiņi Forest is an unusual tourist attraction due to the miraculous stories associated to it. It is a scenically interesting and picturesque place with steep hills, deep valleys and forest stands of different composition and ages. However, the most unusual phenomenon in this forest are the piles of stones of different sizes.

The LVM Pokaiņi Forest is located 13 km from Dobele in the direction of Īle. Here, in larger and smaller groups, piles, stone rivers and heaps, the famous Pokaiņi stone layers can be found. Such a high concentration of stones of all sizes and shapes in one place creates a truly unusual impression. Many people feel peculiar energies flowing through them.  Some of them see visions, while others perceive the flow of information. Even  if personal conviction and the lack of scientific substantiation prevent the person from believing in supernatural miracles, the calmness of the surrounding area and the opportunity to enjoy an interesting walk in the fresh air will delight any sceptical mind.

15 km trails have been created in the forest, piles of stones have been carefully cleaned and names have been given to individual stones. The main thing is not to forget to put on comfortable shoes, because the trails lead through a hilly area, which is especially popular with orienteering fans. The surface of the LVM Pokaiņi Forest trails is uneven, so it is difficult to push a pram along most of the trails, unless you stick to the perimeter of the “Ring road”.


Are pets allowed in the Pokaiņi Forest?

Pets are allowed in the LVM Pokaiņi Forest. Please comply with the established rules.

Is the Pokaiņi Forest suitable for visitors with prams?

The surface of the LVM Pokaiņi Forest trails is very variable and it is difficult to travel with prams along most of the trails. However, for a longer walk you can choose to walk around the perimeter, making use of “Circular Road”.

What to bring for a trip in the Pokaiņi Forest?

The visitors to the LVM Pokaiņi Forest are invited to bring an antidote for insects, comfortable shoes and provide themselves with a filled bottle of water.

How long does it take to walk through the Pokaiņi Forest?

Walking takes about 5 hours, going by car – 2.5 hours.




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