Skrīveri Dendrological Park

A walk in the park is like a trip around the northern hemisphere of the globe, as there are unique plantations from this vast region

About the Skrīveri Dendrological Park

Less than 80 kilometres from Riga, on one side of the highway Riga – Daugavpils, there are plantations of foreign trees of Skrīveri, but on the other side – between the highway and the Daugava, the Skrīveri Dendrological Park is situated.

They are unique objects of forest history of European significance, the construction of which began in 1891. The planting plan of the park was developed and sowing was carried out by Maximilian Sivers (1857–1919), the owner of the Skrīveri Manor. The Skrīveri Dendrological Park together with the plantations of foreign trees occupies 392 ha. It contains about 300 introduced species of trees and shrubs, which have survived from the 679 species that had grown here before the First World War. 30 of them are significant rarities at European level.

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Since 1977, the Skrīveri Dendrological Park covering the area of 16.7 ha has been a protected natural object. The Skrīveri Dendrological Park is visited every year by the delegations of dendrologists from different European countries. A visit to this park is an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional forest landscape of other countries without leaving the territory of Latvia. Here you can go on one day exploratory trip with a family, group of like-minded people or a class, or include this object in a longer travel route.

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The Skrīveri Dendrological Park is worth visiting in any of the seasons, because there are plants which bloom even in winter. However, this park is especially beautiful in spring and summer. The visitors to the Skrīveri Dendrological Park will surely be surprised by sugar-maple trees, Atragene alpine, (Alpine clematis), heart-shaped and flaky curries, American hazel, Corylus cornuta (beaked hazel), Virginia witch hazel, Korean cedar pine, Weymouth pines,  Jack pines, Katsura trees, Staphylea, American silver maple, silver linden trees, Japanese larch.



Entrance fee for adults


Entrance fee for children


offer for groups

Tour for groups

During the tour, accompanied by a guide, visitors to the dendrological park will get acquainted with the history of the park and learn the stories about interesting trees. A guided tour must be booked in advance by phone +371 25661983 (Daina).



All year


EUR 32/hour from group (up to 20 people)


1.5–2 hours

Tours for pupils

Tours for pupils are recommended from the 6th grade. Pupils will not only get acquainted with the history of the park and the unique trees which grow in it, but will also experience a fun orienteering with exploratory questions to strengthen the knowledge acquired during the tour. Tours for pupils are led by secondary school pupils. The tour must be booked in advance by phone +371 25661983 (Daina).


All year


EUR 32/hour from group (up to 20 people)


1.5–2 hours


What is the length for a group tour?

The guided tour lasts an hour and a half.

How long do I need to book a guided tour in advance?

The tour must be booked two days in advance.

Is it allowed to take the cones found in the park home?

It is allowed to pick up the fallen cones and take them home.

Is it allowed to pick tree leaves and berries?

It is not allowed to pick leaves or berries in the park, as many of the woody plants are unique as well as poisonous, such as baneberries, yews, spindle berries, mezereons, etc.




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