The LVM Vijciems Cone Drying Facility

It is the oldest cone drying facility in Latvia and the only cone drying facility of this kind in the world. The seeds for new forest stands are obtained using more than 100 years old, original equipment

About the LVM Vijciems cone drying facility

The historic dryer has survived very well due to the efforts of many generations of foresters. Although the dryer serves mostly as an object of excursions and information, it still performs its economic functions today.

The building was built in 1895 by German barons. At that time, large forest fires raged in Vidzeme, so there was a need to restore the forest and seeds were needed to implement this purpose. Until then, people tried to dry the cones and get the seeds in home conditions. The cones were dried on stoves, also in grain dryers and threshing barns, but this did not provide a sufficient amount of seeds and was not effective.

Since 2019, the cone drying facility has been included in the list of cultural monuments protected by the State. In 2020, the Vijciems cone drying facility was included in the List of state protected cultural monuments as an industrial monument of national significance.



Full price entrance ticket

EUR 2.00

Entrance tickets for pupils and pensioners

EUR 1.00 – for the pupils under 18 years of age and pensioners

Entrance ticket for groups

EUR 1.50 – for one person in an adult group of more than 10 people


What is the length for a group tour?

The guided tour lasts 1 hour.

How long do I need to book a visit in advance?

The tour must be booked at least one week in advance.

Is it allowed to take the cones home?

No, it is not allowed to take the cones with you.




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