Registration for Christmas creative workshops in LVM Pokaiņi Forest has begun

29.10.2019 15:10

The enchanting LVM Pokaiņi Forest soon will put on white attire and its crispy air will be filled with sounds of crunching and squeaking snow under footsteps. With the approaching winter solstice we invite children to creative environmental workshops “Forest is our home”, where children will be greeted by Mother Forest, Santa Claus of Pokaiņi Forest, the active Foxy and funny bunny Brencis.

Mother Forest will take children for a walk in forest during which:

 In the guidance of Mother Nature we will go into the trails of Pokaiņi Forest, drag the symbolic Yule log, find secrets and surprises. We will prepare a food for forest animals and will decorate a Christmas tree with colourful yarn.

 We will observe and study nature in winter, the life of trees, birds and animals in forest.

 We will identify tree species, paying particular attention to evergreen trees.

In the cosy and warm Pokaiņi Information Centre building we will be welcomed by the active Foxy, who will teach and help children to make their own Christmas decoration from forest materials.

After creative activities, we will go to the cabin of Santa Claus, where children will be greeted with a surprise – will it be a huge bag of presents or a sweet-tooth bunny Brencis hiding – that you will have to find out! Just like every year we will meet Santa Claus of Pokaiņi, play games, recite poems at the bonfire.

At the end – Pokaiņi tea and gingerbread at the bonfire and a picnic.

The event will be approximately three hours long: walk with Mother Nature, activities with Santa Claus of Pokaiņi and the fun bunny Brencis – 1.5 hours, Christmas decoration making with active Foxy – 0.5 hours, in the end a picnic at the bonfire approximately 1 hour.

Bring products for picnic and some snacks for forest animals. Schedule of workshops: December 2-23 at 10 AM; 12 noon; 2 PM (with previous registration).

Price of the event 7 Eur/children. Teachers – free of charge, parents 2.5 Eur/person.

Let forest be a place where to receive knowledge and inspiration!

Register by calling +371 26392564 or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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