It’s fun to study in nature!

More and more lessons in nature every year – it's a fact! In this school year lessons about forest were held outside classrooms by more than 400 teachers of 140 educational institutions from all Latvia.

This is the third year when students themselves can participate in the selection rounds of Forest Olympics. Exactly they will have a chance to compete in the semifinals, and show themselves in the final and win the prize - a nature cognition camp abroad - expedition.

Teachers of the students in semifinals have a task from 20 January to 15 March to compete for the best result in the online game All students of the school, which is represented by a teacher in semifinals, can participate in the game. Registration in the game is via profile authorization, in the first time specifying their school. The best 10 results from each school are counted in the semifinals. The best 10 schools with a teacher and 10 students get to the final of Forest Olympics. 10 more schools will receive a price - the inspirational Pigman's visit to their schools.

The jury has evaluated all submitted works and to the second selection round of Forest Olympics are moving forward the works of these teachers’ schools:

  • Aizupe Elementary School and teacher Kristīne Priede
  • Aknīste Secondary School and teacher Sandra Radiņa
  • Drabeši Primary School of Amata municipality and teacher Lija Janševska
  • Augstkalne Secondary School and teacher Guntra Engelsone
  • Balvi Elementary School and teacher Lilita Leišavniece
  • Cēsis City Pastariņš Elementary School and teacher Anita Vīņaude
  • Ciecere Elementary Boarding School and teacher Iveta Freimane
  • Dundaga Secondary School and teacher Lienite Iesalniece
  • Dzērve Elementary School and teacher Lāsma Jūrmale
  • Dzimtmisa Elementary School and teacher Inga Grundmane
  • Engure Secondary School and teacher Iveta Otmane
  • Ērgļi Secondary School and teacher Liena Bukovska
  • Garlībs Merķelis Lēdurga Elementary School and teacher Ilze Tauriņa
  • Galgauska Elementary School and teacher Liena Silauniece
  • Jaunsilava Elementary School and teacher Marija Broņka
  • Jelgava 2nd Elementary School and teacher Gaļina Maksimova
  • Jelgava Spīdola Gymnasium and teacher Daiga Bukonte
  • Kalnciems Secondary School and teacher Undīne Spriesle
  • Kalupe Elementary School and teacher Inita Ivdra
  • Krāslava Elementary School and teacher Silva Skride
  • Krimūni Primary School and teacher  Rianda Dumpe
  • Laurenči Primary School and teacher Vanesa Čeičiniece
  • Lazdona Elementary School and teacher Agnese Apīne
  • Liepa Elementary School and teacher Linda Maļčjonoka
  • Limbaži 3rd Secondary School and teacher Jānis Strēlis
  • Lībagi Primary School and teacher Sandra Znotiņa
  • Ludza City Gymnasium and teacher Rita Bogomola
  • Majori Secondary School and teacher Iveta Balode
  • Mazzalve Elementary School and teacher Silvija Lisovska
  • Mālpils Elementary Boarding School and teacher Dace Brūna
  • Mārupe Secondary School and teacher Inese Gaša
  • Meirāni Kalpaks Elementary School and teacher Aiva Caunīte
  • Mežciems Elementary School and teacher Ligita Ridūze
  • Nīkrāce Elementary School and teacher Mārīte Vanaga
  • Ogre Primary School and teacher Anete Lasmane
  • Ozolnieki Secondary School and teacher Dina Medjānova
  • Pūre Elementary School and teacher Vēsma Čerpinska
  • Remte Elementary School and teacher Juta Bušmane
  • Rencēni Elementary School and teacher Zane Lapere
  • Rēzekne Catholic Secondary School and teacher Lita Klepere
  • Galēni Elementary School and teacher Elza Leimane
  • Rīga 41st Secondary School and teacher Rita Dīce
  • Rīga 19th Secondary School and teacher Linda Vēgnere
  • Rīga 6th Secondary School and teacher Anita Sudnika
  • Rīga 84th Secondary School and teacher Anete Gulbe
  • Rīga Avotu Elementary School and teacher Sanita Pelīte
  • Rīga Centre Humanitarian Secondary School and teacher Inta Kampare
  • Rīga Pļavnieki Elementary School and teacher Simona Spalva
  • Rīga Rīnūži Secondary School and teacher Violetta Liepiņa
  • Rīga Valdis Zālītis Primary School and teacher Valentīna Kleinberga
  • Rīga Valdorfschool and teacher Zane Kampusa
  • Rīga Ziepniekkalns Primary School and teacher Marita Janovska
  • Robežnieki Elementary School and teacher Aina Kudiņa
  • Ruba Special Elementary Boarding School and teacher Inguna Gārbena
  • Eglaine Elementary School of Rugāji municipality and teacher Irīna Krivošejeva
  • Salacgrīva Secondary School and teacher Ingūna Ādmīdiņa
  • Saldus 2nd Secondary School and teacher Rudīte Marcinkeviča
  • Kursīši Elementary School of Saldus municipality and teacher Andra Rorbaha
  • Saulkrasti Secondary School and teacher Inese Petrošina
  • Sigulda 1st Elementary School and teacher Ramona Suveizda
  • Stacija Elementary School and teacher Inese Karpa
  • Stende Elementary School and teacher Sintija Garsila
  • Tīnūži Elementary School and teacher Anita Migleniece
  • Tukums Rainis Gymnasium and teacher Zaiga Širina
  • Valdemārpils Secondary School and teacher Daiga Feldmane
  • Valmiera Pārgauja Primary School and teacher Evita Zvirbule
  • Vecpiebalga Secondary School and teacher Biruta Kuzmane
  • Vecumnieki Secondary School and teacher Ivanda Ieveniece
  • Zaube Elementary School and teacher Anita Legzdiņa
  • Zvejniekciems Secondary School and teacher Valda Krasovska

The aim of the Forest Olympics is to encourage teachers to include into the general education lessons themes and activities that promote gaining knowledge, experience and skills in a direct contact with forest and nature.  Last year we received 316 lesson descriptions from 109 schools of Latvia.

The Olympics are organised in the framework of environmental education programme "Learning About Forests” of JSC "Latvijas valsts meži”. For more information section "Forest Olympics”.

Information prepared by:

Anda Sproģe, LVM Head of Communication Projects

Phone: +371 26540801


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