mammadaba reminds - it's time to collect drugs for herbal teas

08.07.2022 10:07


mammadaba invites you to go collect nature's benefits and stock up on herbal teas for the winter. A large part of medicinal plants must be harvested at the beginning of their flowering, therefore active collection of plants is currently underway. Currently, you can collect lime flowers, meadowsweets, yarrows, bedstraws, plantains, and agrimonies from medicinal plants. Just remember that it is best to do it in the countryside, in the fresh air and in an unpolluted place!

July is the month of lime blossoms. The yellow flowers are reaching towards the sun in the green foliage and you can noticeably smell their sweet honey smell in the air! This means - time to pick lime flowers for tea! Many healing properties have long been attributed to lime flower tea. This is the perfect tea to end a stressful day as it soothes, relaxes and helps you to find peace. It is not for nothing that it is said that it is worth going to the lime tree during its flowering to find peace, because just by lying down under its crown of leaves and inhaling the giddy scent of flowers, stress and anxiety will disappear.

The meadows and ditches are decorated with the white, fragrant bouquets of meadowsweets. It's time to go to the meadows with scissors to collect the fragrant flowers of meadowsweets, bring them home and dry them for tea. Meadowsweets has a strong, sweet honey smell, both its flowers and pods smell equally good. The tea of this flower soothes and at the same time tones, lowers blood pressure and removes headaches caused by it. Acts as a diaphoretic and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Can be used for baths in case of various skin diseases, as it contains natural salicylic acid


Several conditions must be taken into account when preparing medicinal plants for drying in herbal teas. Medicinal plant flowers should not be dried in the sun, as they often contain essential oil, which evaporates when dried in the sun. The flowers should be dried spread out in a thin layer, preferably in a dark, shady place. The tea is dry if, when you take a handful of plants and squeeze them, the flowers do not stick together, but fall apart freely. It is recommended to store dried teas in sealed containers. It is better to choose glass, porcelain or metal containers that can be closed. Drugs in glass jars are exposed to light, so they should be kept in the dark. Medicinal flower teas can be stored for no longer than a year.

Don't miss, now is the last time to collect pine cones! Pine cone syrup will be very useful in the winter in the fight against coughs and sore throats, as well as strengthen immunity. And be sure - even children will like it!

Please note: before going to the forests and meadows to collect herbal teas, herbalists recommend to study the medicinal properties of plants! Before using herbal teas, make sure of their effects and effects on the human body!

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