Idea for holidays: the splendor of rhododendrons in Lāčupīte arboretum

17.06.2022 15:06

lacupite rododendri

This year's long spring allows you to enjoy the flowering of rhododendrons in the territory of Lāčupe dendrological plantations owned by JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” for an unusually long time, combining it with a visit to the newly established Lāčupīte wellness garden, a walk along the pine forest and the sandy Klapkalnciems beach.

Lāčupe dendrological plantations are a specially protected nature territory located between Apšuciems and Klapkalnciems, about an hour's drive from Riga. You have to drive along the Riga - Talsi highway to Klapkalnciems (there is also a bus traffic), then you have to park the car on the side of the road and go along the sea side, where the trail starts at the brown sign on the side of the highway. A pedestrian bridge leads over Lāčupīte, crossing it, turn left and walk about 150 meters along the forest road until the plantings begin.

Igors Mednis, a member of the Society of Nature-researchers of Latvia, started creating the Lāčupe arboretum in 1959. The plants for the arboretum were obtained from 68 sites in Latvia and abroad (Estonia, Lithuania, Crimea, the Caucasus, Germany, Poland and elsewhere), with a total planting area of 7.2 hectares. In the arboretum grows 410 species of trees and shrubs - 60 conifers and 350 deciduous trees, however, the most beautiful arboretum is during the flowering of rhododendrons.

This year, Lāčupīte dendrological park has undergone changes - the association “Moirunams” has implemented the project “Lāčupīte Wellness Garden” in the territory of dendrological plantations, the aim of which is to arrange the dendrarian territory functionally, scenically, and artistically, creating areas with different moods. In the course of the implemented project, signposts have been placed, footbridges and bridges have been created, as well as a seating area and active recreation opportunities for young visitors. Following the directions from one picturesque corner to another, on the way you can also meet twelve different images carved in the tree of the “Spirit of the Forest” (“Meža garu”).


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