Summer adventure in the LVM Nature park in Tērvete

01.06.2024 11:06


The Latvia’s State Forest Nature Park in Tērvete invites you to go on summer adventures in nature! The nature park covers an area of more than 1200 ha, and most of its territory is occupied by forest. The park is rich in various opportunities for active recreation - both entertaining and educational. The most important thing - with those that the whole family can enjoy together.

It takes at least three hours to visit the most popular places in the park - the Fairytale Forest, the Amusement Park, and the Dwarf Forest. The park is criss-crossed by a 35-kilometer-long network of trails that are easy for pedestrians, cyclists, walkers, visitors with mobility impairments and families with strollers to navigate. A bus train runs in the park – Fairytale Train.

The Fairytale Forest is inhabited by the characters of the plays created by the writer Anna Brigadere, located in the kingdom of King of the Forest, the Forest Mother and Witches of the Pine Forest. Everyone is invited to sit on the King’s throne, swing on broom of Witches of the Pine Forest, say hello to spiders, bats, and owls. On the other hand, the forest’s secrets are revealed in colourful stalls along the Forest Mother path, which is more than two kilometres long. Visitors will be delighted by the sculptures of animals, insects, mushrooms, and berries reproduced in wood.

Next to the Fairy tale Forest, there is an open-air stage and an impressive wooden maze in the “Meadow of Lutausis” amusement park. There, in the midst of the oldest pine trees in Latvia, you can find the lively discoverer of the world – Sprīdītis. He, with swollen cheeks, fearlessly plays the pipe and dances the giant Lutausis. After the walk, the place equipped with benches and tables invites you to sit down and relax in the den of Lutausis.

The Dwarf Forest consists of more than 40 small, colourful wooden houses and streets, located in the village of Dwarfs and the city “Čiekure”. You can not only solder the themed houses, but also get to know the life of hard workers. The dwarf homestead complex consists of a log building with a spacious yard and three buildings – workshop, dwarfery and shop.

In the place where the writer A. Brigadere spent the first years of her childhood, the Annele’s Zoo has been established. In the small animal garden, you can feed goats, pet rabbits and other Latvian animals.

From the wooden sightseeing tower, you can see the happy land of Sprīdītis, the Tērvete pine forest and the plain of Zemgale. The upper viewing platform (25 m) is equipped with stationary binoculars.

The forest can turn into a vast classroom with countless learning opportunities. Nature lovers will find the Green class interesting.

There are four trails for walking here – Forest (Non)Friends Trail, Animal, Wood, and Bird Trail. In the colourful stands of the Green class, you can study information about the inhabitants of the Latvian forest and the forest itself.

There is a real spirit of adventure in the land of Kurbads. In Tarzan and Net Park, nine tracks of different levels with more than 100 obstacles have been created in the trees. Available wooden houses, trampolines and ball courts, two-level decks, and net tunnels at an average height of six meters above the ground.

The more than three-kilometre-long cycle path entices with jumps, bends and bridges. This trail is suitable for users of all ages and abilities. A 400 m long section has been created for the smallest nature lovers (users of "dip-dap" wheels and first bicycles), while for teenagers and adventurous nature lovers - a larger circle with obstacles of the appropriate degree of difficulty.

You will be able to feel a real tropical climate in Tērvete's Butterfly House, which is home to brightly coloured birds from Asia, South America, and Africa. In addition to the diverse butterflies, birds, fish, turtles, and other tropical inhabitants also feel good.

If one day is not enough, capturing adventures in the vast territory of the park, the glamping of the LVM Nature Park will give you the opportunity to extend your journey into a fairy tale. The unique cabins in the trees and underground, suitable for overnight stays all year round, are in the pine forest next to the Tērvete reservoir. Two underground cabins are well equipped for people with mobility restrictions.

A swimming place on a sandy beach, boat and stand-up paddle board rental is available in the glamping area. Avid anglers have the opportunity to get some significant catches. For those who enjoy a meal in the fresh air, there are picnic areas with a canopy.

This scenic spot also caters for those who like to stay in tents, travel with their campers or trailers. A wood-burning sauna will be useful for warming up and restoring energy. Visitors with their pets are also welcome at the accommodation.

The adventures can begin! See you soon!



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