Angling Championship’s 5th competition – pleasant surprise in LVM Lake Lielauce

26.09.2019 11:09

Photo: 5th competition of Mammadaba Angling Championship, from left: Kaspars Grablovskis, Aigars Līdumnieks, Jānis Gaborecs, Māris Efners, Edgars Kukutis, Raivis Dzenis and Agnis Tīfentāls

Already when arriving to the LVM Lake Lielauce and observing the weather, participants of the Mammadaba Angling Championship's 5th competition were sure that it will catch on this day. Dense, dark clouds were sliding across the sky, the surface of lake was twirled by a brisk wind, which was promised to get even stronger. And it did. Participants climbed into boats after start and went to their chosen fishing locations. Already the first casts confirmed that pike mothers and fathers after the long summer fasting want to have a proper feast, measurement troughs were used nonstop, points were piling up in wind's speed and anglers were happy about the fact that there were almost no pike that would be under-measure, maybe they had been scared off by the large sisters of the species.


Photo: Edgars Kukutis, who caught the largest pike in the 5th competition of Mammadaba Angling Championship 2019.

The longer they fished, the bigger got the lengths of the pikes caught, 62, 68, 74, 78 cm, until the lake finally fired and from the boat of team “Kubera” loud cheering was heard: Edgars Kukutis managed to get into measurement trough the largest pike of this year's competition – 95 centimetres long beauty. Of course, Edgars got both the joy about his excellent catch, and the wrestling with it, and also the LVM prize for the largest fish. Once again, some funny events took place: Māris Efners and Jānis Gaborecs from “X-Fisher”, after finding the right, effective lures for this day, were so carried away by catching pikes, that forgot about the rules of competition a bit, and threw the eleventh valid size pike back. That, after a kind reminder from opponents that twenty pikes are being counted, did not hindered them to add three more fish to the ten, and win with 42397 points, which is 2.2 times more than best results in the previous competitions.


Photo: Jānis Gaborecs and Māris Efners, winners of 5th competition of Mammadaba Angling Championship 2019

Altogether on this day seventy pikes were caught. But old masters Kaspars Grablovskis and Aigars Līdumnieks (“Komanda”) used a different tactic – deliberately or by coincidence, lured into boat larger pikes and with nine pikes they won the second place. In the third place also with nine, only smaller size pikes, Raivis Dzenis and Agnis Tīfentāls (“Fisher”), but next three teams all got eight valid pikes. The Olympic six was closed by the leaders of this competition Māris Smilga and Aivars Smilga (“Čuš”). As later participants of competition laughed then Māris and Aivars have done everything that the intrigue would become even more intense, and completely everything would be determined in the last competition of championship in Kaņieri, where a fierce battle for medals will take place between five teams



The battle for prizes from the championship's organisers “Latvijas valsts meži” and sponsors’ “Salmo” Ltd. with “Lucky John” product line, “Laivu depo” Ltd., „Gold Fishing,”, fishing store Fisher”, „Dole Marine” Ltd.,, journal „Copes lietas” and Latvia Angling Sport Federation, will continue already this Saturday in LVM Lake Kaņieris!


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