LVM releases baby pike into Lake Kaņieris

14.07.2022 11:07


At the end of June at one of the lakes managed by JSC "Latvia’s State Forests" – Kaņieris – were replenished fish stocks. In cooperation with the municipality of Tukuma region, the Fish Fund and Ltd. "Rūjas zivju audzētavatava" 12,000 pike babies have been released into the lake.

"Because in the first days after being released into the water body, the baby pike are more sedentary, they do not swim far and feed intensively in one place, so they should be spread evenly throughout the lake. This gives the opportunity to provide both a food base and also protection from other enemies that can attack the new residents.

Thanks to the fishermen of Lapmežciems, who came to help release the new fish into various parts of the lake," says Anatolijs Jakuņins, the long-time supervisor of LVM Kanieris Lake, with satisfaction at what has been done and with joy at the response of the local residents.

LVM lake Kaņieris in Lapmežciems is one of the richest lakes in Latvia in terms of fish stocks, which attracts many anglers. In Kanieris, pike is the most frequently fished, followed by tench, roach, rudd, bream, crucian carp, goldfish, and perch.

We invite you to take into account that fishing licenses in LVM Kanieris Lake can only be purchased electronically:, fishing in the lake can only be done from the boats rented at the boat base.

In the lakes managed by JSC "Latvia’s State Forests" - Tērvete reservoir, Lielauce lake and Kanieris - fish stocks are replenished regularly.


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