Angling season at Latvia’s State Forests reservoir in Tērvete

03.05.2022 07:05


On May 1, we will resume the fishing season in the Tērvete reservoir managed by Latvia’s State Forests.

On May 1, 56 fishers had come to the reservoir to look for their lucky fish. The main catch - pike. 37 pike with a total weight of 49.2 kg were caught. Perch and roach were also caught.

The reservoir is rich in carps, pikes, tenches, breams, perches, silver beams, roaches and rudds. Come check out your fishing luck. There are three types of houses available in Latvia’s State Forest Nature Park, where you can relax after a day.

Fisherman, book your boat in time! 11 boats are offered for rent in the reservoir.

It must be remembered that fishing in the Tērvete reservoir requires a fisherman’s card and a license for Latvian anglers, which allows fishing in this reservoir. The license can be purchased at the Latvia’s State Forest Nature Park glamping booking office.

For more information and boat reservations, call +371 26115333 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tight lines!


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