Latvia’s State Forest glamping – your haven of peace!

26.01.2022 14:01

Nature loves the flow – it loves neither hurry nor anxiety. Its presence embodies peace, heals, and gives strength. Get energized and have a calm spirit where you are surrounded by the scent of pine forests, gentle winds, and birdsong, and at night – the silence of the countryside and parade of stars in the sky.

Latvia’s State Forest (LSF) nature park glamping is located on the shores of the Tērvete water reservoir, surrounded by a large forest. The scenic Tērvete River with its characteristic steep ancient banks winds its way around it, and a well-maintained network of trails adjoins it, which will take both pedestrians and cyclists on a beautiful hike in the spring to the nearby LSF nature park in Tērvete.

In glamping’s underground cottage, which resemble of a cozy cave or a warm nest, 4 people can stay overnight for a new night’s sleep experience.

The unique, unusual accommodation of glamping is an adventure for those who are ready for a new experience and feeling. Surrender to the charm of nature in the comfortable design apartments, enjoying the birdsong, the closeness of the water and the forest, and the rays of the pink sun in the early morning. Here you can escape from the hustle of the surrounding area, gain peace, and relax from the daily rush.

A visit to the LSF nature park Tērvete is included in the cost of the house for guests of LSF nature park glamping. Two underground cottages provide access to the environment for people with disabilities.

For guest’s attention:

  • The Internet is not available in the rooms and there may be no mobile network coverage;
  • on-site catering is not offered;
  • by agreement, it’s possible to order meals with delivery from the café “mammadaba”.

    Holidays without the internet and limited connections have their advantages. They provide an opportunity to be present and dedicate all your time to loved ones in today's anxious daily life. Evenings can be spent in nice conversations discussing what you have experienced during the day. When boredom rises, the board games “Kokmīļi”, “Mežotāji”, etc., provided by the Latvia’s State Forests, will help and it will not only entertain, but also educate about forest management and tree diversity. The youngest guests will be delighted by the colouring worksheets available in the cottages and the stationery needed for creative expression. Get creative - organize a family drawing contest!

    Get peace and inspiration in Tērvete - share it with your loved ones!

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