Enjoy a trip to the Tērvete reservoir with paddle boards

06.06.2022 07:06

Opportunity to combine active recreation and nature watching.

Tērvete Reservoir boasts many species of birds that nest in the water body. The mothers of the ducks have already taken the little ducklings out for the first swim. In the coming days we are waiting for the noble swans with their babies to appear.

There are 4 paddle boards available in glemping. The first hour costs 10,00 EUR. Every next hour – 5,00 EUR. It is advisable to book paddle boards for your trip in advance.

Take the opportunity to spend the night in the tree or underground house of “Latvia’s State Forests” nature park and visit either Latvia’s State Forest” nature park Tērvete or receive a float (boat, pedal boat or paddle board) for a 2-hour trip in Tērvete reservoir.

The glemping houses in the trees and underground are equipped with all the amenities for a pleasant stay. The cottages have electric heating, which ensures a comfortable temperature all year round, even on cold summer evenings. “Latvia’s State Forests” board games are available in each house.

Everyone will have something to do in “Latvia’s State Forests” nature park glemping – fishing, visiting nature park Tērvete, watching birds, walking, playing board games, relaxing in the sauna or just sitting on the beach and rest.

For more information and to make a reservation call 26115333 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a nice rest!



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