Men in boat and excellent catch in LVM Lake Lielauce

24.10.2019 11:10

The LVM Lake Lielauce is proud with its excellent catches. Each year Mother Nature in LVM Lake Lielauce gives some excellent pike catches, and its true – pikes are considered the biggest treasure of the lake. According to the management plan of Lake Lielauce, fish resources are regularly supplemented. This year as well the first excellent catches!

On October 23 a story about friends and the big fish: at around 7:30 AM friends with a boat swam in the LVM Lake Lielauce. Weather forecast for the day looked promising – big wind and cloudy sky. But in real life – a bright sun started to shine in the morning. Edgars tells: “We were actively going through sectors of Mammadaba Lake Lielauce, but pikes did not show up. Simultaneously to all that, a large number of lures had been changed, starting from big bait and finishing with size two spinner lures. At around 10:30 the sectors of Lake Lielauce were quiet, weather started to change, sun shone only from time to time, but pikes continued to be silent. We decided to continue to rotate lures and move around the lake. The first contact was at around 12 noon on a small Buster Jerk. Then in two hours there were few other pikes that follow the boat but didn’t attack. Then we started to experiment more with colours, but leaving the same type of lure. This time we were rewarded, the key has been found and fish started to hook and fish were caught. At midday, at 2 PM, there was a sharp jolt, and after few seconds it was clear that a mother has hooked. After a short battle an excellent size pike – 9.00 kg heavy – was already in the landing net and was ready for a photo session. Of course, fish was released back into the lake.” The lucky angler – Edgars Kukutis!

There is a big chance to catch big fish in the LVM Lake Lielauce, because each year the fish resources are supplemented. There is a boat house with fifteen boats and four floating cabins available to nature lovers and those who enjoy calm recreation. Be active, go to nature!

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